Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Divine Earthly Experience 5: LOVE vs. FEAR

"Fear is the energy which contracts, closes down, draws in, runs, hides, hoards, harms. Love is the energy which expands, opens up, sends out, stays, reveals, shares, heals. Fear wraps our bodies in clothing, love allows us to stand naked. Fear clings to and clutches all that we have, love gives all that we have away. Fear holds close, love holds dear. Fear grasps, love lets go. Fear rankles, love soothes. Fear attacks, love amends. Every human thought, word, or deed is based in one emotion or the other. You have no choice about this, because there is nothing else from which to choose. But you have free choice about which of these to select.”—Neale Donald Walsch

Dear fellow Earthlings,

So much is changing on our sacred earth, there is widespread fear, chaos, anger. These emotions are not only felt on a global level, but they are trickling down to our personal relationships. They are affecting how we move about in the world. The collective consciousness on the planet is ailing. People are standing up and speaking out. People are mad, sad, depressed. Many feel that they MUST DO SOMETHING NOW!

Slow down, just for a few moments.

Slow way down.


Step away from the computer and go outside for a moment.

What do you see....?

A cloud, rain, a bird, sunlight?

Be with that moment and go into it. Be in the center of yourself.

In the center of yourself is YOUR HEART.

Are you moving from your heart or your head?

Close your eyes and really feel inside.

Are thoughts swimming around inside of you?

Let them go.

Feel inside your heart. What does it tell you to do? Is your heart expanding or contracting? Does it feel light or heavy?

Before you take any action, always check in with your heart. Come from a place of LOVE.

Love expands and connects.

Fear contracts and separates us from our fellow humans beings.

Keep going into love. In every instance, FEEL LOVE.

You may believe you are helping others, but you could in fact be harming others if the inner feeling of love is not there. Are you acting out of ego. Are you defending your side. Are you angrily fighting or are you peacefully marching?

There is a difference and it affects the entire planet and every single human being.

Humans could be the very first species to destroy each other because we can't see each other AS FELLOW EARTHLINGS! We can't see that we are all CONNECTED!

Instead, we see our differences and we fight for those. We make our fight more important than LOVE. When someone throws fire at us, we want to throw it back.

Our differences, in fact, are what make us ALL unique and beautiful.

I'm not exempt from this. I spent so much of my life throwing fire at others. When I felt hurt, abused, attacked or scared, I threw those very things right back. And how, I ask, does this help me or ANYONE or ANYTHING? How does it raise the consciousness of the planet?

I think there is a place for fear. If we are being physically or psychologically attacked and in imminent danger, than fear can be helpful. Feeling the heart beat fast in our chest and the rush of adrenaline through our veins gives us the necessary strength to remove ourselves from potentially harmful situations, especially if our lives are being threatened in this very moment.

But is anything life threatening happening to you in this very moment? Are you faced with a life or death situation RIGHT NOW?

So fear, then, turns to worry and where did worry ever get us? Most of the time we find that our worries were in vain. What actually happens turns out MUCH BETTER than we thought.

Part of the problem is that we are too comfortable. Not all of us, but many of us.  If you are sitting here in the luxury of your heated/air-conditioned home, a cup of tea and a snack at your side, reading this now, then you are comfortable. You have a house or apartment, a car, a family, food, water, heat....a computer. You've got a toilet, sink, shower or bathtub. You've got hot water. What is there to worry about?

What is there to worry about RIGHT NOW? What are you afraid of right now? I'm not talking about yesterday or in the future, but this very moment. Are you okay?

If you reply, "Yes, well I'm okay, I could be better." 

Could be better....hmmmmm. Is what you have and are right now not enough? 

Maybe you feel there is more that you could DO right now to help others. Maybe you feel, from your place of comfort, you are not doing enough. So now you are back on the path of FEAR....afraid of not doing enough, being enough. BE WHAT YOU ARE RIGHT NOW. Really embrace it and sink into. If you are meant to do something else, eventually YOU WILL.

Can you sink into the moment right now and have gratitude for it. Can you have gratitude, or LOVE even, for what you have? Can you let go of the worries, even the worries of the WORLD, for a moment and love where you are, who you are and what you are. Can you do that?

There are many things I could complain about, worry about or be fearful about, but I'm a true believer in the fact that what you put out there you get back, 100 times over. Not only for YOU, but for everyone!

So yes, LOVE and GRATITUDE is the road I'm on, not FEAR and LACK.

I'm grateful for the warm house where I'm currently housesitting. I'm grateful for the delicious food in the fridge and the cat curled up in a chair. I'm grateful for my Macbook Pro and wifi so that I can share this with you now. I LOVE that my heart pumps by itself. I LOVE that I can breathe on my own and that, in this moment, I'm not in serious pain.  I LOVE that I can write and think and move. I LOVE that I teach immigrants and refugees English and business and they are eager to learn. I LOVE that I'm in an 11-month Clairvoyant Awareness Program at Psychic Awakenings and that I'm developing my intuition and healing myself.

  I LOVE my body shape and size as it is. I LOVE that I'm taking a pole dancing class. I LOVE that I can spin and move on the pole, even though it is challenging at times.

I LOVE the messiness of life and even my foibles, because through all of those, I'm able to find clarity.

My biggest FEAR in my life was divorcing from my husband and it happened! 

I NEVER could have imagined it. I would have avoided it at ALL COSTS, but it turned out to be the biggest blessing. Through it, I learned forgiveness and love for myself. I learned that I'm stronger than I thought I was. I learned a new way of loving, being and operating in the world. I learned that even the most DEVASTATING thing that can happen to us or our loved ones or even the PLANET often brings us to higher ground and CONNECTS us. I learned to love again and am in a beautiful relationship.

What is your BIGGEST fear? What are you grateful for and what do you love about your life?

Do you believe that tuning into LOVE and GRATITUDE can increase it in your life or raise the consciousness of the planet?

Fellow earthlings, I do! And I have so much LOVE and GRATITUDE for those who actively involved in doing this work!


  1. THANK you! sending out LOVE today - and receiving LOVE today!

  2. Your blogs are inspiring! This is a really good message to remember. Actually, I'm writing a book right now and I keep remembering all your lessons about writing, and you're right, it's hard. But I have to keep going, even if I'm afraid that what I create won't be accepted or liked. And I'm grateful that I have the freedom to do it! :) Best wishes, Katherine!